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P.MED Advisor’s Message

YB Wong Hon Wai

Penang stands as a trailblazer in Southeast Asia’s medical tourism sector, having successfully welcomed a multitude of medical tourists from across the globe. Our robust performance in this domain is underpinned by Penang’s top-notch and affordable healthcare, outstanding treatment facilities, and a cadre of highly trained professionals. Medical tourists can anticipate favorable outcomes from their treatments in Penang, outcomes that may not be readily available or affordable in their home countries or abroad.

Over the years, medical tourism has played a pivotal role, providing numerous economic multiplier effects for the state’s economy. The entire healthcare supply chain, encompassing accommodations, food and beverage, logistics, retail, tourism, and transportation, has and will continue to benefit from the influx of foreign patients who choose Penang for their medical needs.

Furthermore, the economic benefits cascade down to every individual within the sector, including tour guides, taxi drivers, waitstaff, chefs, hotel employees, tourism attraction personnel, retailers, nurses, doctors, and more.

The volume and influx of patients also empower our private hospitals to procure medical equipment and devices that might not be financially viable with our relatively small local population. Consequently, local patients can also reap the advantages associated with economies of scale, made feasible through the sophisticated technology acquired for the treatment of foreign patients.

Despite the global slowdown in medical tourism due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Penang’s pool of healthcare professionals and expertise remains committed to pursuing industry excellence, thereby preserving our esteemed reputation as a world-class medical hub. Ultimately, we aspire to see Penang’s medical tourism continue to thrive, bolstering our economy and elevating the level of expertise available through the continual and consistent treatment of foreign patients.

YB Wong Hon Wai
Penang Centre of Medical Tourism (P.MED)
Exco for Penang Tourism and Creative Economy (PETACE)