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Executive Director’s Message


Malaysia is well-recognised around the world as a health tourism destination with International Living magazine declaring it the top destination for medical tourism in 2017.

With mounting healthcare costs in Western countries, cheaper air travel and increasingly attractive exchange rates, it is no wonder medical tourism is thriving, especially in Penang, where nearly 50% of Malaysia’s medical tourism receipts are generated.

Penang is a small island state with huge offerings. In addition to a multitude of distinguished medical institutions offering a full range of top-notch medical services, it is also a haven for shopping, food, multicultural heritage and so much more. Its capital, George Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This booklet is compiled to provide you with useful key information of some of the top medical institutions here as well as to help navigate this exciting place with ease.

Established in 2015, the Penang Centre of Medical Tourism (PMED) has grown from strength to strength and is now home to 15 member hospitals and 16 associate members spread over various strategic locations throughout Penang. Collectively, we provide excellent healthcare encompassing a wide range of specialist medical services.

What makes Penang such an attractive destination for medical tourism? Firstly, Penang provides affordable medical treatment at world class standards. Our hospitals offer services at a lower cost without compromising quality. Numerous specialist treatments such as oncology, urology, cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dental work are widely available. Therefore, medical tourists get the best in terms of quality, savings and options, coupled with reduced waiting time.

Penang offers excellent professional care on par with the world’s best. With a reputation for providing a conducive, healing environment, satisfied medical tourists often return to Penang for follow-up procedures or further treatment. Our hospitals feature cutting edge equipment and genuinely caring allied health professionals who facilitate swift recuperation.

Penang also stands out with its warm, sunny weather all year round which allows for exploration of the many attractions on offer. The abundance of delectable local cuisine is yet another draw.

As Penang continues to grow as a medical tourism hub, we at PMED are more committed than ever to ensure top-notch services to fulfil all your medical needs.

Welcome to Penang and may your stay here be healthy and happy!

Executive Director
Penang Centre of Medical Tourism (PMED)