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Chief Minister of Penang’s Message

lim_guan_eng_1Penang is famed as a destination for good medical care. This has translated into approximately 50% of Malaysia’s medical tourism receipts being generated in Penang. Every PMED member has expanded its infrastructure and facilities in the last 5 years, with many sprouting new wings and treatment centres.

The latest exciting development is a proposed RM1 billion investment in building a new hospital in Penang that will tangibly add the number of hospital beds in Penang. The state government is continuing active discussions with these interested health providers which will enhance the prospects and opportunities for Penang to be established as a Medical City.

Penang’s success is a testament to the excellent healthcare provided by our doctors, many of whom were trained in the Commonwealth.

Our health experts provide a depth of knowledge, wealth of experience and care with reasonable cost that is competitive with our neighbouring countries. Our allied health professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists and clinical dieticians are proficient, leading to swift healing and recovery.

We continue to share our expertise to bring wellness and healing to the region and amongst our local population. We have a vision to make Penang a Medical City which will encompass not only hospitals but bring together the manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, teaching hospitals and nursing colleges, that can build an entire supply chain.

We hope PMED will help to achieve this vision.

Chief Minister of Penang