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Island Hospital



Island Hospital has been serving international and local patients for the past 20 years, managing 300,000 patient cases on average each year and 9,000 surgeries yearly. More than 88% of our doctors are internationally trained and have on average 24.4 years of medical practice

Based in Penang and founded in 1996, Malaysia, Island Hospital is a 300-bed hospital and one of the leading tertiary care providers in Malaysia. Island Hospital has over 50 full-time specialists across 16 Centres of Excellence.

At Island Hospital, patients have access to some of the most highly respected specialists in Malaysia, most of which have been trained in the United Kingdom, United States of America, and Australia. Our specialists are highly experienced and renowned in their dedicated fields and are supported by a dedicated team of nursing and allied health staff.

Besides boasting a stellar team of medical professionals, Island Hospital offers a wide range of treatment services that are supported by cutting edge medical equipment and technology.


  • i-Heart Centre (for cardiology)
  • i-LASIK Centre (for ophthalmology & LASIK)
  • i-Care Centre (for infertility)
  • i-Spine Centre (for spinal issues)
  • i-Endoscopy Centre (for endoscopy & colonoscopy)
  • i-Urology Centre (lipthotripsy for stone removal)
  • i-Sports Centre (a dedicated physiotherapy & rehabilitation unit)
  • i-Health Centre (for wellness & health screening)
  • Efficient and Advanced Laboratory& Pathology Centre


  • Urology Lithotripsy Equipment with X-ray & Guided Ultrasound
  • Quiet Suite MRI (3 Tesla)
  • Fibroscan for Liver Diagnosis
  • 3D Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill for rehabilitation
  • Laboratory with same-day results for most tests
  • BD SurePath Liquid-based Pap Test with same-day results


  • Movement Disorder Clinic

    A specialised unit within our Neuroscience specialty, the clinic offers a diverse
    range of diagnostic services and medical treatments for patients with
    Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders.

  • Digestive Centre

    Our digestive centre is staffed with an experienced team of
    Gastroenterologists and medical professionals to ensure exceptional service
    and speedy recovery for patients with digestive disorders.

  • Health Screening Centre

    A one-stop centre for all health screening needs, our Health Screening Centre
    is equipped with the latest equipment and technology that allows for
    effective, accurate and fast health screening services.

  • Orthopaedics Centre

    Our Spine Institute, one of Malaysia’s most renowned orthopaedics centres,
    incorporates a versatile combination of pain intervention, physical therapy and
    surgery to minimise pain and enable faster recovery. Complete with these
    sub-specialties, bone and joint, spine, hand surgery, sports medicine, our
    orthopaedics centre is here to manage all cases from minor to complex


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Top Medical Tourism Hospital By Ministry Of Health

  • STAR Outstanding Business Award (SOBA) 2016
    • Best in Marketing Gold Award
  • The Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH)






308 Macalister Road, 10450, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: (+604) 228 8222
Fax: (+604) 226 7989
Emails : [email protected]




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