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Traditional Charm Meets Modern Comfort

Beautiful beaches, delicious food, rich heritage, diverse culture, endless shopping and entertainment options – Penang is famous from plenty of aspects. Embracing modernity while preserving its colonial legacy, this vibrant island state offers the best of both worlds. Penang promises a host of must-see attractions thus making it the perfect place to experience both historic charm and modern excitement.


Situated on the northwest coast of Malaysia, Penang is the second smallest state in Malaysia yet it draws thousands of visitors annually due to its unique position as a tourism, business and services hub. Comprising an amalgam of mainland and island spanning 293 sq km and 760 sq km respectively, Penang is known as one of the most dynamic and developed states in the country.

The name Penang was derived from the Bahasa Malaysia word pinang (betel nut tree). Penang was the first British colonial outpost in Southeast Asia. It was founded by Francis Light in 1786. Its capital, George Town was a centre of trading and cultural exchanges between the East and West for over 200 years. Until today, businesses continue to thrive in Penang.


Penang island is connected to the mainland through the iconic Penang Bridge as well as the Second Penang Bridge. It is also accessible from the mainland via the ferry service and through the Penang International Airport.

Various destinations are within easy reach from Penang – Langkawi Island is a 2-hour and 45 minute ferry ride away or a 35-minute flight away while Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur is only a 50-minute flight away


Penang has an equatorial climate with the average temperature ranging between 22ºC and 30ºC as well as 70% to 90% humidity. The warmest time of the year tends to be during February and March (more than 30ºC) while the driest months are January and February. However, rains can be expected throughout the year especially in the monsoon months between August and November.


With an extensive range of efficient transportation amenities readily available, exploring Penang is not only easy, but also fun at the same time


Travelling from the island to the mainland and vice versa via the ferry only takes 15 to 20 minutes.


Rapid Penang offers comprehensive routes around Penang, with fares as low as RM1.00. The buses are air-conditioned so you can enjoy both comfort and convenience.


Taxis tend to congregate at the airport, bus terminals, major shopping malls and hotels.


Trishaw rides give you the opportunity to manoeuvre around traffic while taking in the sights of Penang at a more relaxed pace.